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Eyewitness Encounters

by Evangel

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Jesus our guide, implied, the lake before it picks up a tide, decides/ We should ride to the other side/ Our teacher who just finished a lesson/ Whatever he was suggesting, we would never question/ What is a disciple without discipline/ So listening, we get within, this frail boat of fisherman/ Sailboat, I meant to say, let's just call it rinky dink/ The kind of boat, just by looking at it you would think would sink/ Could've went the land route, some say a better trail/ But He never failed, so we set assail/ We trust him, because this man is deep like the edge of cliffs/ Before we set adrift, he was asleep like on sedatives/ Fatigued from the crowds that were swarming/ Then suddenly the clouds started forming/ So loud with the torrents we could drown from the pouring/ down, astounding how it pounds our assurance with an enormous mound of storming/ The sound of thunder, had me drawn to wonder/ Either we'd be taken under or be torn asunder/ Getting soaked as the boat fills I'd be thankful to grow gills/ While my Lord is so still and tranquil/ Dazed and confused, amazing this dude, laid there and snoozed/ Like it's a beautiful day for a cruise/ All the guys are horrified/ As the lightning flashed, we all saw our life flash before our eyes/ An onslaught of water that could break up this very thing/ Lord please wake up we're perishing/ The look in his eyes was trust me, chill/ With his hand put to the skies, said hush be still/ This view shakes us/ What kind of creature from the Creator, can negate or rebuke nature/ So I make like an analyst, trying to understand how his hand dismissed/ What manner of man is this/ In awe by the calm of His presence/ Eerily reminiscent of Psalm 107/ Search and we see at verse 23/ God's works in the deep for merchants at sea/ The sovereign by title made/ The stormy wind raise and create a tidal wave, with unbridled rage/ His power declared, it towered in the air/ To assail the sailors cowering in fear/ Feeling lost, they shout, being tossed about as it dragged them in/ You would think its strong drink how they're staggering/ Losing their scruples/ You heard of the eye of storm, they're in it's pupils/ So they cry to the Lord, for deliverance, from quivering, and glad they did it/ He was catalytic to still the storm like a paralytic/ With ease dismissed the breeze, rain flees/ Made it cease and desist, to not even a mist/
I sure hope no one comes around, keep it on the underground/ I even waited till the sun went down/ If arose suspicion/ Whatever you think of this Pharisee, if linked up with heresy/ There's no need for this covert mission/ Getting fistfuls of their physical therapy/ With the charge of getting flogged/ By those with clout, the men of God, and kicked out the synagogue/ Every part of it unbearable, the argument of miracles/ Unmistakable, without God he's incapable/ To see he's a teacher's inescapable/ And high risk, watch my step like podiatrist Iris/ Stealth mode, veiled protection/ Before the high priest Caiaphas shuts us down like health code, failed inspection/ And labeled a bad guy/ That's why I'm on the low on my way to the rabbi/ Tell me what is meant by this emphasis/ And regarding it, hit me harder than a clenched up fist/ Open up my mind to his thinking/ Truly, truly, 2 times so it sinks in/ He testifies and specifies something my eyes can't recognize/ With radar and sonar weaponized/ It's critical, if you're not a reborn individual/ Then the kingdom of God is invisible/ Admonishing he clarified/ Unless you're born of the water and spirit, you can't get near to God/ Nah, It doesn't invade fertility/ With innate ability, just incapability/ Whatever's born of the flesh is flesh/ Spirit is spirit, I guess like a fresh reset, or press refresh/ Either way it's foreign or unnatural/ Sort if impractical, this just expressed/ He kept with the dually truly's/ We hear it's sound but just see the effects of the cool breeze/ Oblivious to its direction/ So is everyone who is born of the Spirit's selection/ Now for my head I'm reaching and scratching/ And ask how, he's like you're a teacher and asking/ Like I'm fuel for the fools living/ Not full of wisdom, as if I'm the problem with the school system/ Which would usually offend/ But he said we testify what we know, and doubled the truly's again/ He said it so cleverly/ Could he be the son of man he said descended from the heavenlies/ And those who hate the darkness will turn to light/ And trust in God's beloved son for eternal life/ For God so loved the world, that he gave him/ Not to condemn, but to save men/
-I have met the Messiah/ Everyone, come meet the Messiah/ That's why I'm sharing it as loudly/ As I can, this man knew everything about me/ I have met the Messiah/ Everyone, come meet the Messiah/ That's why I'm sharing it so loudly/ Come meet the man knew everything about me- I'm a Samaritan woman, yawning/ Pardon my voice, it's a little early in the morning/ Now, before you denounce my announcement/ Please hear me out, now, while I recount the account of it/ I went to the well, sort of my routine order/ Then this Jew asked me for water/ Perhaps for refreshing/ Wait a second, did that Jewish man ask me a question/ I sit intrigued by this mystery/ Cause Jews and Samaritans didn't speak, due to our history/ No trepidation/ To engage in, conversation, with me of low reputation/ Said so matter of factly, but casually/ If you knew who asked for water, you would've asked of me/ He was using it in a broader/ Sense, what he meant was provision of living water/ -I have met the Messiah/ Everyone, come meet the Messiah/ That's why I'm sharing as loudly/ As I can, the man knew everything about me/ I have met the Messiah/ Everyone, come meet the Messiah/ That's why I'm sharing it so loudly/ Come meet the man knew everything about me- What a way to spark debate up/ Are you saying you're greater than our patriarch Jacob/ Who gave what he drank from, as such as constructed/ And furthermore, you don't even have as much as a bucket/ Or something to immerse it in/ His reply, everyone who drinks from this well is gonna thirst again/ What I bring is springs of eternal life, given through mercy/ And once you drink it, you will never go thirsty/ I can't decrypt this encryption/ But by the description of it I want sips of it then/ Go and tell your husband, not to offend/ I'm not married, he said indeed I had five husbands/ And more details as I sit in amazement/ Let's just say he knew my living arrangements/ Now this picture I'm painting, see that I crop it/ But there's enough info to perceive he's a prophet/ -I have met the Messiah/ Everyone, come meet the Messiah/ That's why I'm sharing as loudly/ As I can, the man knew everything about me/ I have met the Messiah/ Everyone, come meet the Messiah/ That's why I'm sharing it so loudly/ Come meet the man knew everything about me- Never bother thirsting with this fountain/ Jews say Jerusalem, our fathers worshipped in this mountain/ God's covenant with the Jews, he worked with them/ He said that we don't even know what we are worshipping/ It's not about the locale/ Sought by the father, but spirit and truth fitting the profile/ And here is the proof/ God is spirit, so those who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth/ My sigh of despair, disappeared/ When I shared, it'll be clear and declared, when the messiah gets here/ The next line, I'm all in shock, my jaw just dropped/ Sort of, like it was synchronized with my water pot/ What did I hear, are my ears defying me/ He looked me straight in the eye, and said I am he/ -I have met the Messiah/ Everyone, come meet the Messiah/ That's why I'm sharing as loudly/ As I can, the man knew everything about me/ I have met the Messiah/ Everyone, come meet the Messiah/ That's why I'm sharing it so loudly/ Come meet the man knew everything about me-
Get a sense of its treasure, the injured with limps or dementia made whole when they enter Bethesda/ Which is a pool in Jerusalem/ Sick come by the multitudes, and I got a view of them/ I can't arise, just here, like I'm paralyzed impaired/ Call me ice cause I'm sort of froze/ Admiring the water flows, with the five porticoes/ Yeah, with a tantalizing stare/ Cause I've been here for 38 years now/ A broken escalator, just a stare (stair) down/ Hopeless spectator, in need of help, so my best bet's patience/ Little I can do, so I accept waiting/ A normal day, where I'm short on faith/ With no expectation/ I can't bounce back like bad elastic/ Call me flabbergasted, the way I've been floored/ In sorrow, even it's shallow/ I'd jump inside the pool with no diving board/ Still as a statue, but still coming at you/ To splash through, tattooed with my bed sores/ Enough with the talk, the thoughts/ If I just get to walk as my reward/ Victimized by this daily exercise/ Now I'm mesmerized by these penetrating eyes/ Call me crazy as a mule, or a fool/ To talk to this dude, but maybe he will lay me in the pool/ He was odd with his question that's hardly a question/ Do you want to be healed? Is dude for real, that's an obvious question/ I want to be/ When I get nearer, call me a mirror, how they step in front of me/ Maybe I'm a boulder, a tree stump/ Something that they're climbing over, like a speed bump/ I tried going the distance with no one's assistance/ Persistently be dumped/ The truth is, I'm stressed a bit/ Everything's useless and fruitless, I'm desperate/ Now who's this cat with this talk/ Take up your mattress and walk/ Quick fast, things turned like whiplash/ I didn't even have to hit the splash splash/ Years of pain groaning as misspent/ known since an infant, gone in an instant/ I arise revitalized, had I known of his intent/ Without hesitation, I would've had no reservation/ For real/ The only concern of me is no more infirmity, I'm healed/ No longer a vermin in the field, acceptance/ His identity is undetermined or revealed, in perception/ The time where I'd lay in hurt desists/ My pain put to rest on the day the work ceases/ Oh the irony/ Done amidst many witnesses so I know they're eyeing me/ The thing that this dude slept on/ Picked up my mattress and got my two step on/
First of all this is awful/ You said grabbing my bed on the sabbath's unlawful/ Like to the law I'm unthoughtful/ I'm the same dude laying on the floor of Bethesda's pool/ The dirtiest, seen with unworthiness/ How they jumped in front, no need to be courteous/ You know the pose I was stuck in/ But rose up again, by a man with no introduction/ Peep this mattress, and that His actions were matchless/ Yet you got a beef it's the sabbath/ Before you go throwing blame/ Dude wanted no acclaim, in fact, I don't even know his name/ No longer do I sit sickened/ This kid's quickened, alive, man talk about nitpicking/ Whoa, if you could see the amazement/ That put them in their place like seating arrangements/ -Who healed you? I don't know man/ Told you to carry your bed? I don't know man/ No less, on the sabbath? I don't know man/ I already said I don't know him, I don't know him, man/- You see it's hard to do without the/ Use of sight, but I see they're arguing about me/ That I was born in a/ Sinful state, to straight fail, so impaled I had scales on my cornea/ Not because of sin, did he just say/ Indeed this day, the work of God will be displayed// He said he was the light of the world/ Which left my mind spinning just like it was whirled/ Or swirled, twirled like a baton/ I don't know what he was on, I just hope my lack of sight will be gone/ He hawked a spit, made mud, plopped it in my optics/ Oh my gosh, harsh with it, go to the pool and wash in it/ So like an optimistic optometrist patient/ Mixed with crustacean going straight in/ I sink into, water's in my mouth like its drinkable/ Gulps with hopes of the unthinkable/ -Will this work? I don't know man/ My eyes are open, oh man, where did my blindness go man/ Asking me where'd he go, throwing up both hands/ I don't even know man/- The Pharisees, I guess they're embarrassed/ It's apparent, how they want to question my parents/ You can grab them with birth certificates/ He sinned, it's the sabbath, his works ridiculous/ Unimpressed with his efforts/ And his ethics, you want to question his methods/ You see I was blind, but how can a sinner do such signs/ Okay, wait for the punch line/ I'm his disciple, you're Moses's allies/ You don't know where he's from, yet he opened my eyes/ Surprised? Tell me what the problem is/ Being healed by a fella that's anonymous/ Who won't celebrate with confidence/ By relishing accomplishments with pompousness/ His name's Jesus, unless you want to trust him, hush then/ If he's not from God, he could do nothing/
-These are night visions, I need light given/ I can't believe, that I'm receiving these night visions/ So intrigued by the mystique of these night visions/ I need light given, for these night visions/- Four winds of heaven stirring up the great sea/ And arising out of it was four great beasts/ First like a lion with eagles' wings/ Til they were plucked off, and stood with feet like a man, can you believe this thing/ Then another like a bear, had appeared/ With three ribs in its mouth, devouring flesh to impress fear/ It's meaning I was longing to discover/ Behold, here is another stronger than the other/ You'd get swept in strength, don't step to this thing/ It's mighty it could take flight like a leopard with wings/ Everything to express its a king, but then the fourth beast/ Terrifying, dreadful with a head full of iron strong teeth/ You can think of as brothers/ The ten horns it then spawned, while one horn was distinct from the others/ Speaking great things like a great orator/ With eyes of a man, devising the plans, for all it saw/ -These are night visions, I need light given/ Who are these beasts that's from the seas in these night visions/ It doesn't cease, as I'm seized by these night visions/ I need light given, for these night visions/- Behold, the thrones were placed, the King took His seat/ The Ancient of Days who gazed upon His book of sheets/ Head like wool, His clothes were as white as snow/ His throne with wheels were made of flames with a fiery flow/ There's a thousand thousands that adore him/ And ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him/ And that horn that was hailed, is now assailed for its arrogance/ To the King, he paled in comparison/ You know that ghastly last beast with the orator/ It's time to settle the score and beef before the Lord// For his crimes, he's abducted/ Now he sits in judgement as its time to kick the bucket/ He's cursed, and worse, in flames he bursts but draws the line/ Gives the other beasts mercy for a time/ -These are night visions, I need light given/ While wondering and pondering these night visions/ Now coming in, is the son of man in these night visions/ I need light given, for these night visions/- Now in essence, I picture a shrouded presence/ Behold, the son of man is coming with the clouds of heaven/ To the Ancient of Days, yet amazed, how he wasn't set ablaze/ And this grace is somehow a question/ He was given dominion, glory and kingdom/ This is a power reference, everyone shall bow in reverence / This transaction is obvious odd biz/ Cause his fantastic reign's everlasting like God is/ Don't treat the subject matter, like it doesn't matter/ Cause all will serve the son of man like he was a platter/ Some of the toughest data/ For finite minds, it's clearly above our stratosphere if we climbed up a ladder/ Is the son of man Jehovah/ Cause compared to those beasts I understand that he's standing over/ They might've talked nice things that were appealing/ They might've looked like kings but he's the real king/ It might look like a title of civility/ But can it really be his true title of humility/ Signifying humanity, if combining with deity/ Not fragility, instability, either please/ Reasonably, these beasts that were preserved/ Alas, get exactly what they deserved/ This picture that it paints, I can go by/ Judgement given to the saints of the Most High/ -These are night visions, with light given/ There's glory in the story of these night visions/ Surely looking forward to these night visions/ With the light given, these are night visions/-
We see something off in the distance/ Looks like a fig tree, a source of nutrition/ It'd be awesome if it's in/ Season, for eating, following Jesus' leading, to whom we all sit and listened/ In a moment I guess we'll see, whether it's the recipe/ We yearn on our famished journey from Bethany/ No one's as hungry as me/ But by the sound of Jesus' stomach, he's as hungry as hungry can be/ I deduce, indeed this tree is so spruce/ That from the leaves it produced, it's got to have produce/ Mesmerized, I can't look past the site/ I'm so wrapped uptight, the thought of it whets my appetite/ I imagine the flavor the tree tastes/ The agony I savor with each pace/ It looks like even Jesus can relate/ Cause he's straight fixed on it like fish eat bait/ Usually I'm more inclined/ To be concerned with end times, now I yearn for enzymes/ Overcome with exhaustion, the sun was just scorching/ We come upon this fig tree to a ton of misfortune/ It was unexpected, he'd become neglected/ As its barrenness apparently was undetected/ Jesus denied of its fruit/ So he cursed it, instantly it dried up from the roots/ Before we tip scales, to the weight of anger/ It was a way to anchor, before that ship sails/ We got intel, revealing what God entails/ If inside was unveiled or we impaled his entrails/ I'm not trying to be myopic, with my optics/ But such a difficult topic, he's not your typical prophet/ With his miracles evident, as empirical evidence/ Teaching through the physical, deep spiritual reference/ He was setting a precedence, greater than our present tense, presidents/ Governors, or any others of reverence/ Oh my gosh it's frightening/ We have never seen a prophet like him/
Let me set the scene, enjoying this evergreen, scene/ It seems hotter than kerosene burning/ With my stock to their grazing delight/ Just a day in the life of a Gerasene herdsman/ At hand now advanced a boat/ These men, I see then a madman approached/ He was unstable/ Many times they've tried to bind just to find no one's able/ Whatever bound, when found each day were severed/ Tore through chains and fetters like they were feathers/ Ironically, I'm too chicken, and too stricken/ With fear, to get near there, this dude's sickened/ I don't know how to behave, I'd try to be brave/ But he lived amongst the dead hiding in caves/ We feared his temper/ he was clearly mental in his bare essentials, we were scared to enter/ -I'm amazed as it astounds/ The boat lands with a wave and a splash sound/ While all the men stayed in the background/ There is one, unfazed wouldn't back down/- Alpha male, steps out the sailboat/ Screams and shouts to him, demon come out of him/ We were all timid/ We seen him placed in chains, and watched that boy bend it like his authentic/ Strength was augmented, clearly, here he's/ In fear of being tormented/ Keeping my distance, I go spy on both guys/ And hear him cry son of the most high/ Cowering in fear/ Afraid with concern, now the tables are turned, I'm like how'd we get here/ I'm watching this oddly, this man's hobby/ With rocks, he would scar and leave marks on his body/ This was a revelation/ Indeed his separation, was preceded by reputation/ Known throughout this whole region/ Yet I never heard this name before, Legion/ -This leaves me with questions/ The man from the boat, he was suggesting/ To the other man who screamed with aggression/ He was empowered by demon possession/- He greeted, pleaded, sounding defeated/ called him Jesus with no introduction needed/ As I listen, the man with this massive condition/ Petitions, and asks for permission/ Not to go in the abyss, bottomless pit, before the time/ But be tossed in swine/ Permission was granted, he gives to the bandit/ The nod, this odd bizarre gift he demanded/ I know what was said/ Then I see these pigs going over the edge, I'm just holding my head/ The effects are detectable/ But it's beyond what's perceptible, I need spectacles/ Is my sight blind/ I thought I'd never have viewed in my lifetime, dude looking quite fine/ Soothed in his right mind, I just sigh/ Cause we joked we'd see this day when pigs fly/ -What just occurred/ Did something just jump in the herd/ Absurd, let me head into town/ Start spreading around just what I observed/-
-What a privilege// To see the king you promised for deliverance// And me receive the honor to deliver this vision// The Lord of hosts/- Whoa, I am assaulted/ Seeing the holy Lord on his throne, vaulted, high and exalted/ A sight my eyes entirely admired/ The same year King Uzziah had expired/ Is it coincidental/ The train of his robe filled the temple, His holiness exposing we're sinful/ He was seated as he governs/ While each having six wings, were seraphim above him/ Two wings for covering, their face, two for covering/ Their feet, while the other two they were using for hovering/ In awe they spoke/ To each other saying holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts/ The whole earth is full of his glory/ Surely, was the story of this auditory oratory/ He who wrote the book on salvation/ Spoke, amidst the smoke, and shook it's foundations/ -What a privilege// To see the king you promised for deliverance// And me receive the honor to deliver this vision// The Lord of hosts/- I can't hide the horror/ I broke the law from inside the Torah, in need of cyanide to say sayonara/ He'll light me up like a firefly behind my aura/ Like Sodom and Gomorrah, unbottling His furor/ When his unseen fists, hits my unclean lips/ For being people of unclean ness/ My understanding can't abandon my reasoning/ Conclusion, woe is me for I have seen the King/ Feelings unaltered, my fear doesn't falter/ A seraphim with coals now flies near from the altar/ Using tongs cause the coals were smoldering hot/ Plus he's on a level of holy they're not/ Indication of glorification/ It's clear I sin, with seraphim in fear of him, needing purification/ Now the coals that he holds in the clutch of its grips/ Amazingly, are touching my lips/ -What a privilege// To see the king you promised for deliverance// And me receive the honor to deliver this vision// The Lord of hosts/- Just as I was thinking no more/ He said it removes my guilt, and filth, my sin has been atoned for/ Man, that's heavy like I hoist rocks/ Then I'm hearing an incomparable voice box/ It was God that was speaking, seeking/ Someone to send for Him, here I am, send me then/ I'll go to your people, claiming they're expecting me/ But won't find my name in a directory/ The one they should be about accepting/ They hear with no comprehension, see without perception// Make their heart the issue// Because they haven't seen you in your splendor, like sugar that's artificial/ They're encumbered, I wonder, that the trouble they're under/ Really is a double entendre// Yeah, I need grace to reveal/ Just like their hearts, if they about face and be healed/ -What a privilege// To see the king you promised for deliverance// And me receive the honor to deliver this vision// The Lord of hosts/-
This man in my presence, who stands at my entrance/ Accompanied by the Jews, demanding a sentence/ Asking me to judge is odd/ They have their own law, but they want him dead, cause he said he was the son of God/ Should I pay homage, he looks harmless/ Even minus the carnage and bondage of convicts/ I'm confused, caught up in this conflict/ That some Jews want this man dead is a mind trick/ If he speaks, it could set up his release/ He'd be deceased if left to the chief priests/ Salivating with accusations and allegations/ How they're saying he's straying and swaying all the Galileans/ Technicality, formality, of legality/ For conviction, no jurisdiction in Galilee/ I now pause, without cause, left like south paws/ To send them to Herod as my out clause/ -The mystique and the mystery, he speaks so convincingly/ It leaves me shaking like a tremor/ 'Cause if he is, who I think he is/ Make no mistake, I'm facing a dilemma/ I'm faced with a dilemma/ Facing a dilemma/ I'm faced with a dilemma/ This is my dilemma, this is my dilemma/- The turned away, is back like vertebrae/ I can extend some help, he won't even defend himself/ What's with this man before me/ When faced with remarks inflammatory, defending yourself should be mandatory/ Another cause for concern/ It seems my wife had a dream, she tossed and she turned/ About this man that's righteous, unplanned crisis, the chief priests carried in/ steer clear of him, cut it out like a C-sarian/ Is he the king that would reign with supremacy/ I could set him free courtesy of clemency/ Don't treat me like I'm some dumb novice/ That can't tell unjust barters, for martyrs, with trumped up charges/ Regardless, whatever they claim, cleverly maintain/ Steadily takes aim at this target hardest/ This cat could feel the wrath/ Now I'm curious, about to catch a case of curiosity killed the cat/ -The mystique and the mystery, he speaks so convincingly/ It leaves me shaking like a tremor/ 'Cause if he is, who I think he is/ Make no mistake, I'm facing a dilemma/ I'm faced with a dilemma/ Facing a dilemma/ I'm faced with a dilemma/ This is my dilemma, this is my dilemma/- Should I absolve him/ Are you the king of the Jews, he said that's what I have called him/ To speak in absolutes there is much dispute/ He said he's here to testify of the truth, what is truth/ I'm an overlord/ But he's talking to me like he's laying his life down of his own accord/ Saying I can in no way condemn/ Unless its given from heaven, and he who turned me over has the greater sin/ His servants would've swarmed his opponents/ I guess that's sort of an omen, if, Indeed he's a king that was born for this moment/ He wasn't knocked off his helm, and he's not overwhelmed/ He said his kingdom is not of this realm/ It's not my plan, to squash this man/ Consider the significance, if innocent, now in ignorance I will then wash my hands/ Maybe I can bring them to choose/ The madman Barabbas or this king of the Jews/ -The mystique and the mystery, he speaks so convincingly/ It leaves me shaking like a tremor/ 'Cause if he is, who I think he is/ Make no mistake, I'm facing a dilemma/ I'm faced with a dilemma/ Facing a dilemma/ I'm faced with a dilemma/ This is my dilemma, this is my dilemma/-
I could ball up and wallow in/ Pity, I left all else to follow him/ The pain that remains present tense, ever since his death, evidenced by all of the sorrowing/ Some say the Lord appeared to them in a locked room/ Let's not assume, was it an imposter in a costume/ We can sit here and debate it man/ I'll only believe when I see his ventilated hands/ Rumors of his reemergence, still it doesn't seem as urgent/ Of a matter to me, doesn't matter to me/ Til He's revealing his holes, I feel and behold, adequately, I'm adamantly really opposed/ To expose and clear the facade/ From the tears of the rod, is put my hand through the pierce of his side/ I ain't listening to anybody/ Hello, I'm Thomas, welcome to my pity party/ -Seeing is believing/ I won't believe 'til I see Him/ Seeing is believing/ I won't believe 'til I see Him/- Now I'm being beheld as spiteful/ Ridiculous, I'm Didymus, one of his twelve disciples/ You want to speak then go, because I'm unreachable/ To say he's seen about a week ago is unspeakable/ I won't accept the lie, call me Mr. Skeptic guy/ To rectify my moxie, shock me like electrify/ My assailed prince overcame his ailments/ When I see the damage of the hammer with the nail prints/ He said Lazarus was laid to sleep/ Dead, but he's glad he wasn't there so we may believe/ As I thought about this day, I know the Lord no doubt could raise/ As he brought him out the grave so amazingly/ He said he was going to prepare a place another day/ I said we don't even know the way, he said he was the way/ There's no convincing me, til you eventually/ Penetrate my sensory, then it makes sense to me/ -Seeing is believing/ I won't believe 'til I see Him/ Seeing is believing/ I won't believe 'til I see Him/- Aw shucks, my lunch I almost tossed up/ How'd this dude get in the midst of us with the doors shut, I'm awestruck/ Bewilder the assembly, like wow it's a wild trick/ Familiar to my memory, somehow it's nostalgic/ I'm so surprised to see thee/ It's the Lord or do my eyes deceive me/ Easy, don't dare assume/ that Jesus cleared the tomb, unless you see that he's bearing wounds/ Peace be with you/ Extend your hand into my side, don't deny, and believe that it's true/ My Lord, my God/ What I mean by that is your my Lord, my God/ Not blasphemy like I'm in awe, my God/ But actually, that He's my Lord, my God/ You see, you believe, listen closely/ Blessed are those who believe and they don't see/ -Seeing is believing/ I won't believe 'til I see Him/ Seeing is believing/ I won't believe 'til I see Him/-
If I could have a moment of your time, to go in with the rhyme/ For the blowing of your mind, like I'm showing it a nine/ Close range, so strange be holding the divine/ Mouth open at the time, not an opinion opined/ Ecstatically, dramatically, emphatically/ We saw him transformed as if magically, all of his majesty/ I'm about to stop, it's beyond insane/ Let me rewind, it's me, John and James on this mountaintop/ We climbed high, yet we never had to ask why/ Like the star and the magii, just following the rabbi/ Suddenly a sunburst, I see three men converse/ Is that Elijah, Malachi said he would come first/ I suppose if that's Elijah, the other guy's Moses/ Why? He looks just like a Moses/ Seriously folks, back to the anointed view then/ Symbolically the law and the prophets were pointing to him/ We make like Jenny Craig, wait and watch/ At a sight so bright and blazing hot, we start to gaze at spots/ That's right, his clothes' whiter than any amount of Clorox/ At this heavy account our jaw drops/ I stand in amazement, at his transfiguration/ Could this man be the answer to our anticipation/ As his glory shows, Old school know how the story goes/ Hands to the pavement to build memorials/ Erect an altar, cause he was altered, then we all heard/ Another voice, awkward/ Terrified, I want to run/ Then the voice within the cloud said listen to my beloved son/ We all look around, in awe at this sound/ Then uniformly fall to the ground/ Huh, I felt a touch on my shoulder/ No sir, there was no rush to turn over/ To my surprise, I was so scared/ It was Jesus saying open your eyes and rise with no fear/ It makes sense now, remembering what's said/ Tell no one till the son of man is risen from the dead/
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An immigrant from Trinidad/ Now trying to raise four kids after separating from dad/ I just wanted my mom and my dad's love/ Even under the harm and the bad blood/ Age of seven, went to church for conveying heaven/ And observed how it worked, with the way the reverend/ Was balling with Cadillacs that cat was wack/ And I couldn't see past that like cataracts attacked/ To the gospel I was much opposed/ And it didn't make sense to me like I had a stuffy nose/ Though I questioned this new clown speaking/ This was you expressing your newfound freedom/ Plus the comb was there/ For busting up naps with it, whether asleep or combing hair/ In the middle of it all like a centerfold/ Integral, teaching me biblical principles/ I could hear your voice trailing on me/ Boys don't hit girls, while my sister's steady wailing on me/ Holding her arms as we would wrestle/ But it laid groundwork for understanding the weaker vessel/ Years later, I stand as a man/ And it left an impression like hands in the sand/ And I didn't recognize the obvious part of it/ I was being trained up, and not to depart from it/ -I reflect on your life, Mama/ All the ways you were repping the Christ, honor/ Ever since you had stepped in the light/ These are things that I witnessed/ And all the effects of the sights/- I was just a live in slob/ Young and rebellious, hung with the fellas, you said either go to school or get a job/ And it ain't got to be so deep/ It taught me if a man don't work, then he don't eat/ Being in the ghetto, where crime was incidental/ Moving to Maryland with you then was instrumental/ I learned to live/ Without God on a mission, going hard as collision, til I saw an alternative/ Remember how that preacher was/ God placed me here to find Him, though He's not far from each of us/ By grace I had regeneration/ You recommitted to Christ with rededication/ But now I'm realizing as such/ There's much value in all the lives that you touched/ Just exercising your spiritual muscles/ Which were profitable you were hospitable/ -I reflect on your life, Mama/ All the ways you were repping the Christ, honor/ Ever since you had stepped in the light/ These are things that I witnessed/ And all the effects of the sights/- You were with me in my bottom stage/ Now here you are, giddy, cause I got engaged/ Fast forward, having thoughts would your life last/ Hospital bed, triple bypass, & quite sad/ You knew how to clear the gloom in the room up/ Who says Christians can't have a sense of humor/ Assured, awaiting your reward/ You knew whether you lived, or whether you died, you're the Lord's/ Yeah, you were near to heaven there/ But by God's grace, we were spared eleven years/ Battling, but nothing so challenging/ As when my dad got sick and I brought him to Maryland/ If I could somehow bottle your witness/ How you prayed with him and modeled forgiveness/ Now you are with the Lord who forgave us/ Face to face with our Savior/ -I reflect on your life, Mama/ All the ways you were repping the Christ, honor/ Ever since you had stepped in the light/ These are things that I witnessed/ And all the effects of the sights/-


released March 26, 2013


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Evangel Germantown, Maryland

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