Heard by The Herdsmen (Mark 5​:​1​-​16; Luke 8​:​26​-​36)

from by Evangel

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Let me set the scene, enjoying this evergreen, scene/
It seems hotter than kerosene burning/
With my stock to their grazing delight/
Just a day in the life of a Gerasene herdsman/
At hand now advanced a boat/
These men, I see then a madman approached/
He was unstable/
Many times they've tried to bind just to find no one's able/
Whatever bound, when found each day were severed/
Tore through chains and fetters like they were feathers/
Ironically, I'm too chicken, and too stricken/
With fear, to get near there, this dude's sickened/
I don't know how to behave, I'd try to be brave/
But he lived amongst the dead hiding in caves/
We feared his temper/
he was clearly mental in his bare essentials, we were scared to enter/

-I'm amazed as it astounds/
The boat lands with a wave and a splash sound/
While all the men stayed in the background/
There is one, unfazed wouldn't back down/-

Alpha male, steps out the sailboat/
Screams and shouts to him, demon come out of him/
We were all timid/
We seen him placed in chains, and watched that boy bend it like his authentic/
Strength was augmented, clearly, here he's/
In fear of being tormented/
Keeping my distance, I go spy on both guys/
And hear him cry son of the most high/
Cowering in fear/
Afraid with concern, now the tables are turned, I'm like how'd we get here/
I'm watching this oddly, this man's hobby/
With rocks, he would scar and leave marks on his body/
This was a revelation/
Indeed his separation, was preceded by reputation/
Known throughout this whole region/
Yet I never heard this name before, Legion/

-This leaves me with questions/
The man from the boat, he was suggesting/
To the other man who screamed with aggression/
He was empowered by demon possession/-

He greeted, pleaded, sounding defeated/
called him Jesus with no introduction needed/
As I listen, the man with this massive condition/
Petitions, and asks for permission/
Not to go in the abyss, bottomless pit, before the time/
But be tossed in swine/
Permission was granted, he gives to the bandit/
The nod, this odd bizarre gift he demanded/
I know what was said/
Then I see these pigs going over the edge, I'm just holding my head/
The effects are detectable/
But it's beyond what's perceptible, I need spectacles/
Is my sight blind/
I thought I'd never have viewed in my lifetime, dude looking quite fine/
Soothed in his right mind, I just sigh/
Cause we joked we'd see this day when pigs fly/

-What just occurred/
Did something just jump in the herd/
Absurd, let me head into town/
Start spreading around just what I observed/-


from Eyewitness Encounters, released March 26, 2013
Produced by Righteouz Knight



all rights reserved


Evangel Germantown, Maryland

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