Night Visions (Daniel 7)

from by Evangel

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-These are night visions, I need light given/
I can't believe, that I'm receiving these night visions/
So intrigued by the mystique of these night visions/
I need light given, for these night visions/-

Four winds of heaven stirring up the great sea/
And arising out of it was four great beasts/
First like a lion with eagles' wings/
Til they were plucked off, and stood with feet like a man, can you believe this
Then another like a bear, had appeared/
With three ribs in its mouth, devouring flesh to impress fear/
It's meaning I was longing to discover/
Behold, here is another stronger than the other/
You'd get swept in strength, don't step to this thing/
It's mighty it could take flight like a leopard with wings/
Everything to express its a king, but then the fourth beast/
Terrifying, dreadful with a head full of iron strong teeth/
You can think of as brothers/
The ten horns it then spawned, while one horn was distinct from the others/
Speaking great things like a great orator/
With eyes of a man, devising the plans, for all it saw/

-These are night visions, I need light given/
Who are these beasts that's from the seas in these night visions/
It doesn't cease, as I'm seized by these night visions/
I need light given, for these night visions/-

Behold, the thrones were placed, the King took His seat/
The Ancient of Days who gazed upon His book of sheets/
Head like wool, His clothes were as white as snow/
His throne with wheels were made of flames with a fiery flow/
There's a thousand thousands that adore him/
And ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him/
And that horn that was hailed, is now assailed for its arrogance/
To the King, he paled in comparison/
You know that ghastly last beast with the orator/
It's time to settle the score and beef before the Lord//
For his crimes, he's abducted/
Now he sits in judgement as its time to kick the bucket/
He's cursed, and worse, in flames he bursts but draws the line/
Gives the other beasts mercy for a time/

-These are night visions, I need light given/
While wondering and pondering these night visions/
Now coming in, is the son of man in these night visions/
I need light given, for these night visions/-

Now in essence, I picture a shrouded presence/
Behold, the son of man is coming with the clouds of heaven/
To the Ancient of Days, yet amazed, how he wasn't set ablaze/
And this grace is somehow a question/
He was given dominion, glory and kingdom/
This is a power reference, everyone shall bow in reverence /
This transaction is obvious odd biz/
Cause his fantastic reign's everlasting like God is/
Don't treat the subject matter, like it doesn't matter/
Cause all will serve the son of man like he was a platter/
Some of the toughest data/
For finite minds, it's clearly above our stratosphere if we climbed up a ladder/
Is the son of man Jehovah/
Cause compared to those beasts I understand that he's standing over/
They might've talked nice things that were appealing/
They might've looked like kings but he's the real king/
It might look like a title of civility/
But can it really be his true title of humility/
Signifying humanity, if combining with deity/
Not fragility, instability, either please/
Reasonably, these beasts that were preserved/
Alas, get exactly what they deserved/
This picture that it paints, I can go by/
Judgement given to the saints of the Most High/

-These are night visions, with light given/
There's glory in the story of these night visions/
Surely looking forward to these night visions/
With the light given, these are night visions/-


from Eyewitness Encounters, released March 26, 2013
Produced by New Jeruse



all rights reserved


Evangel Germantown, Maryland

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