What Manner of Man​.​.​.​.​. (Ps. 107​:​23​-​30; Mat. 8​:​23​-​27; Mark 4​:​35​-​41; Luke 8​:​22​-​25)

from by Evangel

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Jesus our guide, implied, the lake before it picks up a tide, decides/
We should ride to the other side/
Our teacher who just finished a lesson/
Whatever he was suggesting, we would never question/
What is a disciple without discipline/
So listening, we get within, this frail boat of fisherman/
Sailboat, I meant to say, let's just call it rinky dink/
The kind of boat, just by looking at it you would think would sink/
Could've went the land route, some say a better trail/
But He never failed, so we set assail/
We trust him, because this man is deep like the edge of cliffs/
Before we set adrift, he was asleep like on sedatives/
Fatigued from the crowds that were swarming/
Then suddenly the clouds started forming/
So loud with the torrents we could drown from the pouring/
down, astounding how it pounds our assurance with an enormous mound of storming/

The sound of thunder, had me drawn to wonder/
Either we'd be taken under or be torn asunder/
Getting soaked as the boat fills I'd be thankful to grow gills/
While my Lord is so still and tranquil/
Dazed and confused, amazing this dude, laid there and snoozed/
Like it's a beautiful day for a cruise/
All the guys are horrified/
As the lightning flashed, we all saw our life flash before our eyes/
An onslaught of water that could break up this very thing/
Lord please wake up we're perishing/
The look in his eyes was trust me, chill/
With his hand put to the skies, said hush be still/
This view shakes us/
What kind of creature from the Creator, can negate or rebuke nature/
So I make like an analyst, trying to understand how his hand dismissed/
What manner of man is this/

In awe by the calm of His presence/
Eerily reminiscent of Psalm 107/
Search and we see at verse 23/
God's works in the deep for merchants at sea/
The sovereign by title made/
The stormy wind raise and create a tidal wave, with unbridled rage/
His power declared, it towered in the air/
To assail the sailors cowering in fear/
Feeling lost, they shout, being tossed about as it dragged them in/
You would think its strong drink how they're staggering/
Losing their scruples/
You heard of the eye of storm, they're in it's pupils/
So they cry to the Lord, for deliverance, from quivering, and glad they did it/
He was catalytic to still the storm like a paralytic/
With ease dismissed the breeze, rain flees/
Made it cease and desist, to not even a mist/


from Eyewitness Encounters, released March 26, 2013
Produced by The Apologist



all rights reserved


Evangel Germantown, Maryland

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