Bethesda (John 5​:​1​-​9)

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Get a sense of its treasure, the injured with limps or dementia made whole when
they enter Bethesda/
Which is a pool in Jerusalem/
Sick come by the multitudes, and I got a view of them/
I can't arise, just here, like I'm paralyzed impaired/
Call me ice cause I'm sort of froze/
Admiring the water flows, with the five porticoes/
Yeah, with a tantalizing stare/
Cause I've been here for 38 years now/
A broken escalator, just a stare (stair) down/
Hopeless spectator, in need of help, so my best bet's patience/
Little I can do, so I accept waiting/
A normal day, where I'm short on faith/
With no expectation/
I can't bounce back like bad elastic/
Call me flabbergasted, the way I've been floored/
In sorrow, even it's shallow/
I'd jump inside the pool with no diving board/
Still as a statue, but still coming at you/
To splash through, tattooed with my bed sores/
Enough with the talk, the thoughts/
If I just get to walk as my reward/

Victimized by this daily exercise/
Now I'm mesmerized by these penetrating eyes/
Call me crazy as a mule, or a fool/
To talk to this dude, but maybe he will lay me in the pool/
He was odd with his question that's hardly a question/
Do you want to be healed? Is dude for real, that's an obvious question/
I want to be/
When I get nearer, call me a mirror, how they step in front of me/
Maybe I'm a boulder, a tree stump/
Something that they're climbing over, like a speed bump/
I tried going the distance with no one's assistance/
Persistently be dumped/
The truth is, I'm stressed a bit/
Everything's useless and fruitless, I'm desperate/
Now who's this cat with this talk/
Take up your mattress and walk/

Quick fast, things turned like whiplash/
I didn't even have to hit the splash splash/
Years of pain groaning as misspent/
known since an infant, gone in an instant/
I arise revitalized, had I known of his intent/
Without hesitation, I would've had no reservation/
For real/
The only concern of me is no more infirmity, I'm healed/
No longer a vermin in the field, acceptance/
His identity is undetermined or revealed, in perception/
The time where I'd lay in hurt desists/
My pain put to rest on the day the work ceases/
Oh the irony/
Done amidst many witnesses so I know they're eyeing me/
The thing that this dude slept on/
Picked up my mattress and got my two step on/


from Eyewitness Encounters, released March 26, 2013
Produced by The Apologist



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Evangel Germantown, Maryland

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