I Don't Know ( John 5​:​10​-​14; John 9​:​1​-​33)

from by Evangel

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First of all this is awful/
You said grabbing my bed on the sabbath's unlawful/
Like to the law I'm unthoughtful/
I'm the same dude laying on the floor of Bethesda's pool/
The dirtiest, seen with unworthiness/
How they jumped in front, no need to be courteous/
You know the pose I was stuck in/
But rose up again, by a man with no introduction/
Peep this mattress, and that His actions were matchless/
Yet you got a beef it's the sabbath/
Before you go throwing blame/
Dude wanted no acclaim, in fact, I don't even know his name/
No longer do I sit sickened/
This kid's quickened, alive, man talk about nitpicking/
Whoa, if you could see the amazement/
That put them in their place like seating arrangements/

-Who healed you? I don't know man/
Told you to carry your bed? I don't know man/
No less, on the sabbath? I don't know man/
I already said I don't know him, I don't know him, man/-

You see it's hard to do without the/
Use of sight, but I see they're arguing about me/
That I was born in a/
Sinful state, to straight fail, so impaled I had scales on my cornea/
Not because of sin, did he just say/
Indeed this day, the work of God will be displayed//
He said he was the light of the world/
Which left my mind spinning just like it was whirled/
Or swirled, twirled like a baton/
I don't know what he was on, I just hope my lack of sight will be gone/
He hawked a spit, made mud, plopped it in my optics/
Oh my gosh, harsh with it, go to the pool and wash in it/
So like an optimistic optometrist patient/
Mixed with crustacean going straight in/
I sink into, water's in my mouth like its drinkable/
Gulps with hopes of the unthinkable/

-Will this work? I don't know man/
My eyes are open, oh man, where did my blindness go man/
Asking me where'd he go, throwing up both hands/
I don't even know man/-

The Pharisees, I guess they're embarrassed/
It's apparent, how they want to question my parents/
You can grab them with birth certificates/
He sinned, it's the sabbath, his works ridiculous/
Unimpressed with his efforts/
And his ethics, you want to question his methods/
You see I was blind, but how can a sinner do such signs/
Okay, wait for the punch line/
I'm his disciple, you're Moses's allies/
You don't know where he's from, yet he opened my eyes/
Surprised? Tell me what the problem is/
Being healed by a fella that's anonymous/
Who won't celebrate with confidence/
By relishing accomplishments with pompousness/
His name's Jesus, unless you want to trust him, hush then/
If he's not from God, he could do nothing/


from Eyewitness Encounters, released March 26, 2013
Produced by The Apologist



all rights reserved


Evangel Germantown, Maryland

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