Skeptical ( John 20​:​24​:​29)

from by Evangel

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I could ball up and wallow in/
Pity, I left all else to follow him/
The pain that remains present tense, ever since his death, evidenced by all of
the sorrowing/
Some say the Lord appeared to them in a locked room/
Let's not assume, was it an imposter in a costume/
We can sit here and debate it man/
I'll only believe when I see his ventilated hands/
Rumors of his reemergence, still it doesn't seem as urgent/
Of a matter to me, doesn't matter to me/
Til He's revealing his holes, I feel and behold, adequately, I'm adamantly
really opposed/
To expose and clear the facade/
From the tears of the rod, is put my hand through the pierce of his side/
I ain't listening to anybody/
Hello, I'm Thomas, welcome to my pity party/

-Seeing is believing/
I won't believe 'til I see Him/
Seeing is believing/
I won't believe 'til I see Him/-

Now I'm being beheld as spiteful/
Ridiculous, I'm Didymus, one of his twelve disciples/
You want to speak then go, because I'm unreachable/
To say he's seen about a week ago is unspeakable/
I won't accept the lie, call me Mr. Skeptic guy/
To rectify my moxie, shock me like electrify/
My assailed prince overcame his ailments/
When I see the damage of the hammer with the nail prints/
He said Lazarus was laid to sleep/
Dead, but he's glad he wasn't there so we may believe/
As I thought about this day, I know the Lord no doubt could raise/
As he brought him out the grave so amazingly/
He said he was going to prepare a place another day/
I said we don't even know the way, he said he was the way/
There's no convincing me, til you eventually/
Penetrate my sensory, then it makes sense to me/

-Seeing is believing/
I won't believe 'til I see Him/
Seeing is believing/
I won't believe 'til I see Him/-

Aw shucks, my lunch I almost tossed up/
How'd this dude get in the midst of us with the doors shut, I'm awestruck/
Bewilder the assembly, like wow it's a wild trick/
Familiar to my memory, somehow it's nostalgic/
I'm so surprised to see thee/
It's the Lord or do my eyes deceive me/
Easy, don't dare assume/
that Jesus cleared the tomb, unless you see that he's bearing wounds/
Peace be with you/
Extend your hand into my side, don't deny, and believe that it's true/
My Lord, my God/
What I mean by that is your my Lord, my God/
Not blasphemy like I'm in awe, my God/
But actually, that He's my Lord, my God/
You see, you believe, listen closely/
Blessed are those who believe and they don't see/

-Seeing is believing/
I won't believe 'til I see Him/
Seeing is believing/
I won't believe 'til I see Him/-


from Eyewitness Encounters, released March 26, 2013
Produced by Blessed Nazarite for Set You Free Productions



all rights reserved


Evangel Germantown, Maryland

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